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what are blogsWhat Are Blogs And How Can They Help You?

So what are blogs I hear you say?

A blog, which is short for weblog is an online journal that is used to document and store your daily activities. Well that’s how most of them started out but today the blog is a very powerful marketing tool when in the right hands.

Blogs have become an important part of business with most home business owners having their own personnel blog.

In fact I can’t think of an industry leader who doesn’t have a blog so if the leaders have them, then so should you.

If you are new to blogging you will need to know which the best blogging platform is so that you can get started with the right one of the bat. I’m not going to talk about which is best or the different theme you can get as I will leave links at the bottom of this post.

What I am going to talk about though is why blogs have become such an important part of your business.

What are Blogs and Why Are They Different to Websites?

When blogs first appeared most people used them just as a play thing. But some savvy business owners saw the potential of the platform and now anyone who is anyone has one.

Blogs are much easier to setup and upload data to than a traditional website. I know I had a website around 2005 and to do a change required the skills of a Microsoft employee coupled with the patients of a saint.

To just change an image meant downloading this then upload to a file, then transferring that file to another file, zipping it and unzipping it, sending it around the world and then after about an hour you still had the same image you started with!

I’m not kidding either, I am trained in electrical engineering which involved understanding bytes, words and PLC ladder diagrams and even this confused me.

So with a blog it simple you click upload and bang your image is there for all to see. Yes you do need some skills but the good news is that you will find lots of training on Youtube and Google.

Within minutes you can put a post onto the internet with just a few clicks of your mouse make blogs a valuable time saver. Now we all have the same 24 hours in a day but some people work a job full time while can manage their time very well.

So having this great tool at your figure tips will allow you to get great content out in a very short space of time.

What Are Blogs In Business?

What are blogs in business and how can they help you grow your business that little bit faster?

Since a blog can be updated on a regular basis the search engines will love it. Google is always hungry for fresh content. In fact the more content you give it the happier it seems to be.

Of course you have to be giving out relevant content to enjoy the rich rewards you can get from optimizing your blog so that it is Google friendly.

Which brings me onto a second bonus – free traffic!

You can get a ton of free traffic to your blog much fast and easier than you can if you had a standard website. Google much prefers blogs over websites and will list them above most websites.

Don’t believe me than just do a search on a topic and you will see that most of the sites on the first page will be blogs.

This is why so many people have a blog and write everyday in some cases because they understand the power of this tool and what it can help achieve.

So I hope that this has answered the question of what are blog and why they are so powerful. Please leave comments and questions below and share with your friends on social media if you found this useful.

Just one last thing having a blog that has traffic is only a small part of the puzzle. Having something to put leads through and educate your readers is an absolute must. This is why I recommend My Lead System Pro to help you generate more leads and income. Of course you don’t need My Lead System Pro if you already have far too many leads but maybe your team members do so check it out and see what a great fit it will be for them.

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