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social media presenceSocial Media Presence

If you want more traffic and leads then you must increase your social media presence and use a daily strategy to get in front of people and connect with them.

In this post I am going to share with you some of the strategies I am using to increase my social media influence and generate leads on a daily basis.

Connecting With People – You want to be connecting with at least 5 new people a day and send them a message to introduce yourself. When you are starting out you can find people within niche related groups on Facebook.

I only ever add people who have requested information from me on my blog. They are more likely to respond to being contacted on Facebook, if they haven’t left a phone number. You can start to build a lot of trust and confidence through Facebook and other social media.

Posting in Groups – Post you blog posts, article and videos in the groups on Facebook. If you see something you like, well like it and leave a comment. Another good one is to post success quotes, people always love them.

Also when somebody likes your content always thanks them and ask they a question. It get a conversation flowing that may lead to a new partnership.

Respond To Messages – Again it seems so obvious but you wouldn’t believe the number of people who simply do not do it. I could go through my account and Pick a least  2/3 of the connection that never respond. It’s not about how many friends you have it’s about the relationship you have with them.

Look After Your Profile – Keep your profile looking fresh with new pictures of family and friends. Put your holiday snaps up and any meetings or events you have attended. People looking at you will remember them and if you look like a fun loving person they will want to be around you.

Reconnect With Old Contact – Spend a bit of time each day just reconnecting with old connection, add a simple message just asking them how they are getting on. Just lets them know you are still there, especially if you have a lot of contacts.

These are just some of the ways you can increase your social media presence on Facebook. But don’t just limit it to facebook, you can use these tactics on LinkedIn, some on Twitter or just about any social media site.

Follow These Simple Strategies To Increase Your Social Media Presence

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