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social media backlinks

Everyone and their dog knows about the changes Google have made over the last few months and it would seem that social media backlinks are becoming more and more important all the time.

Now there are lots of ways you can get backlinks from various sources but you have to be careful with what you are doing.

Going out and buying 100,000 backlinks is never a good idea, Google is watching all the time and knows a spam link from a good one.

So the solution would be to write great content and get tons of shares all over the social networking sites.

This works well but what if you have just started out and are learning your skills?

Social Media Backlinks – I’ve Just Started And Want Social Proof

You still need those social media backlinks from somewhere and you know it’s not a good idea to spam your site.

The solution is to use a service that will get you backlinks in return for sharing other peoples content.

I have found a tool called SocialAdr which does just that. Real people sharing your content so it it’s done over time to make it look like real shares.

Which of course it is.

Watch the short video below and see just how simple this tool is to use and see how you can start getting backlinks to your content starting today.

Told you it was easy right.

This is just one of many tools I have used but it is by far the quickest and best one to use. I say this because the shares are spread out, it might take many weeks or months to get lots of shares to a piece of content.

And that’s a good thing as Google keeps changing things all the time you want to keep your linking looking like it is natural.

Social Media Backlinks – I Want More Backlinks Now

So to get your hands on the social media backlinks tool just click here and set up your free account today.

I have been using this for my Empower Network blog for a few months and getting great results and plenty of links.

You too can get your Empower Network blog for just $25 and month by clicking here and watching this short video to why this blog ranks so well on Google.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post about social media backlinks and I know that this will help you out so please leave a comment and share.

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