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In the last post we looked at internet marketing promotion, so today we will be looking at prospect follow up.

This is the most important step to take when building your list.

Your prospect follow up will consist of two things, your auto responder follow up and the personal emails you send out daily.

Lets look at these two forms of follow up and give you some ideas as to what to send to your lists.

Prospect Follow Up – Auto Responder Follow Up

This will be a pre-written campaign that you send out to your list once they put their email into your capture pages.

There could be up to 100 emails within the list going out daily or every other day.

They will be giving details of different aspects of your business or opportunity but on the whole they are not very personal.

You can use your own story to change them up and this is a good idea to do as people love to read about other people’s stories.

One thing to remember about your auto responder follow up is that you should not relay on it to make sales or build a relationship with.

That is for your personal emails you send out daily.

Prospect Follow Up – Your Personal Emails Make The Difference

These are the bread and butter of your follow up.

You should be sending your latest blog post to your list daily, let them see that you are serious about your business.

Your post should be something that is helpful or answers a question.

You should also email them something personal or something you have just learned.  This could be something from a call you were just on or a training you have just watched.

Remember to always have a call to action in the message as you want them to do something, maybe watch a video or read an article.

The more consistent you are with this follow up the more results you will get as it takes sometime to warm your leads up.

They say that the money is in the list and this is true but the real secret is the money is in the follow up.

If you are not doing any prospect follow up then you are leaving money on the table or worst your prospects will sign up with someone else.

You also have to have to great product or service when you follow up. Does your business pay out 100% commissions to it’s members?

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