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Importance of Setting Goals

Everyone on the planet who has success knows the importance of setting goals.

Just look at any sports person, business owner, company owner, CEO, President, manger or anyone who wants to plan their time and future all go about setting goals.

In this post today I am going to give you a great way to set goals for your business so that you will not only find it easy but also know the importance of setting goals.

Importance of Setting Goals – Grab Yourself A Pen And Your Partner!

This is really the fun part and it’s something you can do with your partner and family.

This is really done in 2 steps so first we will kick of with the fun step.

So grab you pen and note pad and start by listing all the things you want to achieve through your business. However you must stick to 50 things.

Now this can be anything you want from buying a Ferrari, going on luxury holidays to throwing away your alarm clock or having lunch out on a Monday afternoon when right now you work at that time.

Get creative with this and have some fun which is why is best to do this with the people you love around you.

Importance of Setting Goals – Now let’s Make A Plan

The importance of setting goals means nothing unless you put a plan in place for the top 50 things you wrote down on your list.

So the next step is to put them into a time line plan.

So what you do is set out 5 columns with the heading 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years and 5 years. You could use any time frame you want as long as it fits in with your current lifestyle.

You then fill up each column with 10 of the things you wrote down so you end up with an order in which you can effectively achieve them.

By doing this you can focus on the smaller steps first and work your way up to the bigger things in the future.

Also part of the importance of setting goals is to think and dream big.

So now you have some direction of where to start setting your goals in a fun way but a way that works.

Here is a cool video from Jim Rohn about the importance of setting goals.



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If you found this post about the importance of setting goals valuable leave a comment below and share across your social networks as sharing is caring.

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