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facebook group posts

Today I am going to share with you Facebook group posts so that you can post your social media content to multiple Facebook groups with the click of a mouse button.

I know there are a few companies out there that offer services to post in multiple groups and there setup is much better to be honest to what you are going to see but this app is completely free.

So because it’s free you don’t have any restrictions which some people might say is a good thing however some people will go nuts with this and hit all there groups at once and get kicked off Facebook.

Facebook Group Posts – A Problem Solved

So how do you get around that little problem? Well as long as your Facebook group posts offer value you will be OK. Also keep you’re posting to a minimum of around 5 at a time and only post a couple of times a day and at different times.

If you are new to Facebook then I would recommend that you don’t use this service until you have been on Facebook for a while. Facebook tends to monitor new people a bit more until they see what you are using the site for.

Facebook Group Posts – Now See It In Action

The video below will show you had to do multiple Facebook group posts without spending any money and saving you a ton of time.

Here is the link for MultiplePost:- http://www.hexcolor.in/tools/multipost/#

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