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Effective Email Subject Lines

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If you are using email marketing then you must understand how important effective email subject lines will be for your campaign.

Any network or internet marketing will tell you it not a case of just throwing any old crap out to your list and hope they open it.

You got to have great valuable content and a killer subject line to get the people on your list to open your email, read the content and click through to your offer or blog post.

So how do you come up with effective email subject lines that will get opened?

In this post I am going to give you two ways in which you can do it and I will also give you a free bonus, but more on that at the end.

Effective Email Subject Lines – Get On Leaders Lists

The first way you can get effective email subject lines is to join the lists of leaders within your niche and see what they are doing.

These guys are fantastic at writing great copy that will draw you in and get you to open their email.

Just think about why you open a certain email due to the subject line. Yes I know it could be from a leader who you love to read their content but what first attracted you in the first place?

The bonus to doing this is you will also get a feel for how they communicate with their list on a daily basis.

Everyone has their own unique style and way of doing things so you will get some great ideas from email content into the barging.

Effective Email Subject Lines – Create A Swipe File

Now you are on these lists, create a document with the effective email subject lines you get from these leaders.

Now I’m not saying to just copy and pasted their subject line as that may have been seen by people on your list already.

But play around with it and have some fun.

You will be surprised how you can make a cool subject line fit the content or message you are delivering in your message.

That is two great way to get your hands on effective email subject lines without breaking sweat.

Now I did mention that I had a bonus for you at the start of this post and I do. I want to give you a free ebook that has over 500 badass email subject lines for you to use right now.

To get the ebook simply connect with me on Google+ by clicking here, leave me a good comment below and click the G+ button up top, I will have you email address from the comment and I will send the ebook.

It is that simple to get your hands on this book of effective email subject lines that you can use today to get more opens, traffic and sales in your business.

Thank you for reading this post about effective email subject lines and enjoy the free ebook.

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